Musician On A Budget MIDI Bass Pedals


Organ pedal boards have been around forever — they’re an easy way to multitask while playing the piano, organ, or even the guitar. [Ville] plays the electric guitar and wanted to give bass pedals a shot — the only problem is, the commercial versions are pretty pricey. So he decided to make his own temporary solution using an old MIDI keyboard he had lying around.

The beauty of this hack is it’s completely non-destructive — although you might find you like it so much you won’t want to take it apart! [Ville] started by marking out spacer keys using green cardboard. He then grouped together other sets of keys using tape and polystyrene sheets, which he recycled from a plastic waste bin. He then marked off each set of keys with the range of notes to program into the MIDI receiver — on a 49 key keyboard you get just a bit more than an octave of bass pedal keys! It’ll certainly do until you get your hands on a proper organ pedal unit.

From there it was just a matter of re-mapping the keys on the software end of things, and disabling the other unused keys. He offers a few different methods of doing this, including using VST plugins, and Pure Data — to which he’s provided a patch he made to simplify the process.

To see it in action, stick around after the break and hear [Ville] play One Hour Backwards on electric guitar.

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Box Cloud Storage App Updated & Offering 50GB Free Space to New Users

Box iPad app

If you’re looking for a good cloud storage and file sync service that will work well on the iPad, then right about now is a great time to look at Box – as they’re offering 50GB of free space to new users and have just done a major update to Version 3.0 of their iPad and iOS app.

Box has been one of the leaders in the cloud file sync and storage area for many years now, and has had a strong presence on iOS for as long as I can remember. I’ve been using it for years along with Dropbox and Google Drive.

I’ve only had a quick run around the newly updated Box app this morning, but I’d say it looks quite nice and has some cool new features.

Swipe Controls

I especially like some of the swipe gestures to bring up options for files and folders.

Here are a few of Box’s key features, as per its App Store page:

・High-quality rendering of 100+ file types
・High-fidelity PDF, PowerPoint…

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Hammer Jammer

Hammer Jammer: “

This looks like something with enormous potential. For $30, plus $10 Shipping and Handling, you could greatly expand your sonic palette. Check it out at Big Walnut Productions.


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iOS App AirWeb Brings Proper Web Browsing to Apple TV


The Apple TV plays a range of media, including Amazon Instant TV, YouTube, Netflix, HBO, ESPN, iTunes movies and TV shows, but Apple forgot to add a simple Internet web browser to the mix. Thanks to new iPhone and iPad app AirWeb ($1.99), you can now browse the web full screen as you do on your computer. AirWeb will probably be most useful to teachers, anyone who delivers presentations, and individuals who want full screen display of the Internet on a TV monitor. While you can use AirPlay to mirror what is on your device or view an iPhoto slideshow, AirWeb provides a fully-optimized…

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