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The FBI is inside every recent phone sold in US: can track and listen in

This is a shocking report that says “every recent phone sold in the US has a built-in tracking device that, once activated remotely, can be set to keep the microphone powered on even when the phone itself is switched off.” Time to buy imports and unlock them.

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2006 LifeHack Review: Best 50 hacks for your Life

“I’ve selected the best 50 life hacks of the year, based on their popularity and contents in different categories. Invest your time – read them. Bookmark this page and mark reading them as one of your new year resolutions.”

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Saddam Hussein – DEAD

Saddam Hussein was hanged roughly 10 minutes ago (just before 6 am local time)

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Number 10 opens its doors online

Visitors can look around the Cabinet Room….Number 10 Downing Street has opened its famous front door to the public after more than 270 years, with a virtual tour for web users.

Visitors can look at rooms, find out historical information and click on objects such as paintings and furniture for extra details.

Tony Blair told the BBC the tour was “an excellent way of showing the tremendous history of this building”.Number 10 has been used as a home by prime ministers since the 1730s. [via BBC News]