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Firefox Passes 500 Million Downloads

Firefox Passes 500 Million Downloads, Celebrates With a Lot of Rice [Software]: “

FFox%20500mi%20GI.jpgFirefox has just hit 500 million downloads worldwide; it is an impressive statistic and we think everyone who works on the project should get a pat on the back. As if their contribution in creating a kick-ass browser was not enough to the world, the Mozilla team is celebrating by raising funds for 500 million grains of rice, which they will give away to poverty stricken nations.

To be completely honest with you guys, I did kind of download Firefox twice when I was installing it. I threw the extra .dmg file right in the trash, which obviously means they are still on 499,999,999 downloads. What the heck, what’s one download between friends, apart from a heap of rice goodness? Jump in and let the Mozilla team know how much you appreciate not having to choose between IE or Safari. [Spreadfirefox]

(Via Gizmodo.)

Ditch Your Cable Company With Free, Legal Alternatives

wonderful…the rise of free tv over the internet..good analysis

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Tuesday Night Tech (Pick of the week) – Make a Knight Rider bar

Img 0015 400X300
Making a Knight Rider (KITT) Light Bar to celebrate the premier of the new Knight Rider Made-For-TV Movie. I’m using an Arduino Diecimila board and 18 LEDs.

Materials (so far): FedEx box (temporary; looking for a suitable plastic container) with black construction paper for the housing. Arduino, 18 LEDs (wired to 9 output pins on the arduino – two LEDs in parallel per pin), 9 75 ohm resistors (note, 75 is not the right value, but they were the closest I had). The faceplate is made of cardboard, tissue paper (light diffusion) and some cheap car-window-sun-shade-material I found at Target.HOW TO – Make a Knight Rider bar – Link.

(Via MAKE Magazine.)

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