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How to Sell Products via Your Facebook Page

social media how toEver wished you could directly sell your products and services from within Facebook? If so, this post is for you.

I decided to dig in and research the current landscape thoroughly, both to better understand the lay of the land and to save you the research hassle.

It was only a matter of time before Facebook and e-commerce would converge. Until a little over a year ago, only storefronts existed on Facebook, where merchants could display and promote their products and, with ‘Add to cart’ buttons, imply e-commerce functionality.

But when users clicked on ‘Add to cart, they were whisked away from Facebook to the merchant’s website where the actual shopping-cart experience occurred.

Almost There: Storefronts, but Not Stores

Two prominent examples of storefront-only functionality on Facebook are Threadless and Best Buy, both of which include great integration with Facebook’s social features (sharing, commenting, liking), but don’t support e-commerce transactions within Facebook.

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Now Anyone at Your Cafe Can Hijack Your Facebook Account

A new Firefox extension lets anyone sharing an open wireless network at your neighborhood café or workplace easily access your Facebook, Twitter and myriad other online accounts. It’s a terrifying tool designed to highlight a longstanding problem.

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Facebook Photos gets drag and drop functionality

Facebook has announced another round of tweaks to Facebook Photos, offering drag and drop functionality to the service.

According to Facebook the ability to drag and drop picture folders on the screen has been the number one wish from its users, so like the veritable genie in a bottle, Facebook has made this wish come true.

You can also drag photos around in an album so you can put all the decent photos at the front.

Hi-res photos

Another new feature is high-res uploading. This was something which was first announced earlier in the month and means you can add high-res images to Facebook and print out a photo-quality version of these images from the photo album.

There is also a better photo browser, which makes it easier to flick through images.

There’s no news on when these features will rollout, but there is a video of how the new improvements work.

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Bing ‘Likes’ Facebook in Delivering Social Search Results

Bing Likes Facebook in Delivering Social Search Results

Microsoft’s Bing search engine has deepened its relationship with social network Facebook to deliver search results that are more personalized by integrating with the network’s Like feature. According to Microsoft, people turn to their networks of friends and family for advice, and the integration is a natural evolution of advice giving and sharing. The features have begun to roll out today to users, and full availability will take a few months. Social search features will be available when users are logged into Facebook while searching Bing. Here are some of the features that are integrated and offered.

  • Like: Users will find links that are Liked by their Facebook friends when they search, and this will provide a more customized and unique search result for each user. According tio the company, ‘these results appear in a box on the search results page and differ for each user depending on what their friends liked.’
  • Profile search: When you search for a name, relevant results will be based on friends and family on the Facebook network. ‘When searching for an individual, Bing looks at a person’s Facebook network and surfaces results that make the most sense based on the relationships the searcher has with people on Facebook. For example, results for common names such as ‘Bob Smith’ will be ranked higher if a person shares mutual friends or networks. This ‘social distance’ is used to provide people with the most personally relevant answers for people searches.’

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